• Midday Parfum
  • Midday Parfum
  • Midday Parfum

    Midday Parfum

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    Tomato leaf daydream.

    An explosion of green in all its shades. The crisp effervescence of Calabrian bergamot sparkling over rose-minty geranium, the deliciously bitter aroma of tomato leaf mingled with the dusty spice of chili leaf. A touch of olive flower and mimosa unravels a soothing floral dimension that hovers sweetly over the skin, under the mellow shade of soft amber woods.

    • Aromatic profile: Vegetal.
    • Impression: Crisp, Vitality, Fantasy.
    • Key Notes: Bergamot e.o., Tomato leaf, Chili leaf, Olive Flower.



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