Beatriz Jardinha

Beatriz Jardinha is a Portuguese designer creating jewellery that approximates ancient and rudimentary techniques to ethereal concepts. Jewellery was first explored during the designer's extended travels to both India and Peru where she had the opportunity to learn silversmith and filigree techniques from old masters in immersive experiences.

In 2020, Beatriz Jardinha established her eponymous atelier in Lisbon where she designs, makes and reproduces every piece by hand. While unpolished gems and the marks left over from rudimentary techniques of soldering and forging invoke earthly and rugged qualities to her jewellery, the usage of symbols calls forth the celestial and divine. With references to ancient mythology, religion and esotericism, Jardinha uses symbolism not as a way to extol specific meanings, but rather to convey the power of these enduring emblems and the cultural and anthropological memories associated with them.

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