• Punky Ibiza's Pink Pants
  • Punky Ibiza's Pink Pants
  • Punky Ibiza's Pink Pants

    Punky Ibiza's Pink Pants

    Laganini studio

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    Punky trousers are one of those super favorite trousers that you want to keep in all the colours.
    With a hip loop, high waistband and meticulously crafted details, it works perfectly as a pair or separately.
    As part of the Ibiza´s Pink collection it has been converted into the newest collection of the time: With its exclusive design, the best of the flowers and a carefully designed court to flatter your figure, they have converted it into the sweetest combination of our brand. But above all, it was the mixture of rays of colors, which ended up conquering the hearts. The combination of amarillo, naranja and pink cannot be more than the last one and you won't be able to save the head.
    Discover the difference with our Ibiza´s Pink combo and stand out with the TOTAL LOOK of this time! FEELGOOD DESIGN: Perfection is found in the details, and our cotton shirt is no exception. Made from pure 100% organic algodón, its softness, touch and quality are incomparable.

    • Made in Spain.
    • 100% organic algodón.
    • Limited Edition