1. How to be part of Vasquiat

Vasquiat is a members-only club. To be part of it, you should get an invitation from another member or brand. You can also apply through our website, and wait for our confirmation to get in.

2. The Future of Fashion

As soon as you are part of VASQUIAT, you will be able to preview and pre-order the newest collections fresh-from-the-runway from the coolest brands. Early birds get rewarded with exclusive prices.

3. Pre-order

Pre-order your favorite items of the future collections. The sooner you order, the better the price. Our campaigns usually start with 40% off the usual retail price and go down to 10% on the last days.

4. Receive & Enjoy

…and the countdown begins! We will notify you once your order has been shipped, and you can always check the status on your account. You are the first one to receive what you bought, so make sure you are the first to wear it too.