Forming part of VASQUIAT

Become a member of our private club. Once you are, you form part of a fashion loving community of members. To be part of it, you should receive an invitation code from another member or brand, otherwise you can directly apply through our website, and wait for our confirmation to get in.

The pre-order system

Our Pre-order system means you will be able to preview and pre-order unreleased collections. Pre-ordering can start up to 6 months in advance, and commence with a discount up to -40% off. It’s an early bird reward system here at VASQUIAT, meaning, the sooner you order, the less you pay.

Pricing stages

We offer up to 4 discounts on collections before their official release date. Our Designers select a starting point, between -40% and -10% off. From there, our prices increment gradually, i.e. -40%, -30%, -20%, -10% off, and then retail price. Think of it as the concert tickets of fashion, you get the most reward by purchasing earlier, rather than later.

The countdown

Let the wait begin. We will notify you once your order has been shipped! When you pre-order earliest, it comes with the longest wait, but what’s a little wait for something you love, and since you will be the first to receive this unreleased item, we think you should be the first to wear it, too!