We are the first online platform where you can pre-order next season’s collections with up to 40% off.

Our Tale

When fashion influencer, Blanca Miró & entrepreneur Rafa Blanc joined forces to create VASQUIAT, something very special happened...

Barcelona based VASQUIAT, founded in September 2018, disrupted the model of fashion that was already in place. Its intention was to introduce a more sustainable sales system, rewarding both the brands and the customers with a pre-order system. It’s the first members club which brings the showroom and front row experience to those who have a passion for fashion and authentic style.

Dedicated to creating a community of fashion conscious individuals, we want our members to feel empowered by their style choices. Our goal is to bring a new sustainable approach by cleansing the garment cycle of unnecessary steps created by overproduction, and providing a place where exclusive prices come to those willing to take a risk.

Blanca’s creative flare and prominence in the fashion industry along side Rafa’s business mind work as the perfect combination, while the designers and members complete VASQUIAT.

The curation process

Blanca Miró and the VASQUIAT team carefully curate a selection of brands that continue to push boundaries within our industry and will institute a long-lasting relationship with our members. We collaborate with designers of all categories and tiers, from emerging designers to renowned fashion houses. We look for brands which have a powerful narrative, strong global positioning, and decisive identity within the market. Our mix of brands is carefully selected and curated alongside our existing list of designers to ensure we limit brand adjacencies and over-saturation of designers, offering our members a refined selection of the top designers from their respective categories. Each VASQUIAT designer contributes a unique aesthetic and enhances our collective identity.

If you are a designer interested in joining our community please get in touch!