VASQUIAT arrived to disrupt the traditional fashion model already in place.

The current system was flawed and a revolution was needed. We have brought a new sustainable model to the industry, empowering emerging brands and designers and making sustainable avenues like pre-order and made to order accessible.


Founded in Barcelona in 2018

By Spanish influencer and Stylist, Blanca Miró, and entrepreneur Rafa Blanc, VASQUIAT is the first online platform where you can pre-order next season’s collections with up to 40% off.

We have created a trend hub where the future of fashion is presented, tested, and accessible to a community of fashion-forward individuals.

We are a pioneering fashion marketplace, where next season’s collections are available for trendsetters to discover and pre-order at exclusive prices.

Founded in Barcelona in 2018


The Pre-Order System

VASQUIAT disrupts the traditional model in the fashion industry by creating a new category: The discounted pre-order. Our members gain access to next season's collections at up to 40% off.

Become a Member

Browse and discover next season's collections

Browse and discover next season’s collections. Presented exclusively to VASQUIAT, available from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Pre-order future collections at a discount

Pre-order future collections at a discount. The price of the item gradually increases until the collection launches.

The earlier you buy, the less you pay

The earlier you buy, the less you pay. Register as a member for free and become part of the trendsetter community.


In-Season Selection

We understand that there is a demand for products which are available immediately. We select pre-order best sellers and secure availability for our customers during the season. Pre-order items move into in-season and are offered at full price.

In-season selection


Designer Curation

Regardless of the size of the brand, established or emerging, we curate authenticity and personality. Currently, we accept only 1/30 brands and designers who reach out to us, ensuring we maintain a strong selection.

VASQUIAT allows brands and designers to engage with the worldwide early-adopter fashion community. Showcasing a small selection of thoughtfully curated items, provides our consumers with clarity, while brands and designers get engagement and relevance. We look for brands which have a powerful narrative, strong global positioning, and decisive identity within the market

The carefully curated selection of brands and designers from all over the world, push boundaries within our industry and institute a long-lasting relationship with our members.


Our Community

We cater to fashion innovators worldwide who are looking for freshness, originality and differentiation. We are building a global community of international, independent, fashion forward individuals.

We started as a private club by invitation only but we are now open to all and welcome creative individuals from fashion backgrounds, editors, celebrities, students and all who share a passion for authentic fashion and differentiation. Our pre-order system appeals to those who are ahead of the trends with a unique sense of style.



With up to 30% of clothes produced worldwide which are never sold, the current fashion cycle is flawed and the fashion industry is in crisis. The current system rewards consumers who are willing to wait by providing discounted prices, after the public launch of collections.

Sustainability is not considered within the current system and production and overstocking make the industry one of the biggest polluters.

VASQUIAT has reversed the shopping cycle, simultaneously making fashion more sustainable. Our system rewards consumers who anticipate. The sooner you buy a pre-order item the less you pay.

Brands and designers see upfront revenue which provides funding for their collections. Forecasting based on consumer feedback is more accurate, which saves designers millions and avoids waste. Minimizing overproduction means 30% of unsold clothes will never be made in the first place.