What to wear, how to be, who to love this Pisces season. 

Every 30 days our sun visits a new zodiac sign and a new season commences with astrological energy one can not ignore. Pisces season 2020 begins on February 18, as the sun moves into the sign of the celestial, mythical fish. We will dream big and do even bigger so let’s get started.

As February comes to an end, we are emerging from our period of hibernation and as spring starts showing its first signs, we are in need of changing not only our outlook, but the content of our wardrobe. We are coming out from the cold, finding our feet again and feeling a new energy to enjoy life. So, as we transition from winter into spring, you will be needing everything Mietis. Trading in your winter coat for a perfect Mietis leather jacket and throwing in a handbag while you’re at it.

Pisces season is all about expressing yourself artistically. Maybe you want to take up playing the saxophone, start salsa dancing or spend your weekends decorating a canvas. Anything creative and fun you’ll be doing it. For any of the above we wouldn’t recommend doing them without a Pardo hat. 

You are about to start dreaming real big. Mayb eyou’ve just landed your dream job and you’re eager to progress, or you’re thinking about how to get there. You’ll need to look the part whatever the case. There are a few key pieces from Designers Remix you will need to secure before fulfilling your employment aspirations. 

Pisces season is also one of the most glamorous and love filled moments of the year. We are wearing our hearts on our sleeves and peering out of rose tinted glasses more than ever. You will have a newfound drive to go after whoever it is you’ve had your eyes on. Venus, the planet of love is positioned to make make you lose all inhibitions and go for it. If you’re already in a relationship then you’ll be nourishing the love that’s already there. For a romantic mood and a need for looking glam, check out Anissa Kermiche and SafSafu’s bits.