In Conversation with: mid/night 00.00

Transform your skin and hair care routine with natural products that actually work. mid/night 00.00 is for those of us who care about the ingredients in our beauty products. The routines, now on offer at Vasquiat, consist of plant-based, vegan-friendly content, free of everything you don’t want for your skin. This means, no silicones, parabens, phthalates, SLS, GMO, or chemical sunscreen.

Welcome to Summer Beauty with mid/night 00.00

mid/night 00.00 founded by aesthetics expert, Nina Urgell, defines clean beauty thorugh a range of self-care routines we won’t regret investing in this summer. The highly effective mid/night 00.00 routines allow you to connect with yourself through regular and simple self-care rituals to aid you on your clean beauty journey. We caught up with Nina to find out more about the brand and what beauty means to her.

V How and why did you come up with the idea of creating a cosmetics brand?

NINA Buying cosmetics seemed chaotic for me. I felt lost among the different options available and the excessive promises. I always ended up buying too many products and on top of that, I didn’t really know what they were for. I just wanted a simple brand made of natural and effective products that would solve my day-to-day routine without having to worry about it. As I travel a lot and have little time, I needed an easy, fast and decisive routine. mid/night 00.00 was born from this idea, few products but more versatile, healthy, and incredibly effective.

V What part of Nina can we see reflected in the brand?

NINA  The whole mid/night 00.00 world represents a part of my identity. I wanted to plasm in the brand the beauty of simplicity. One of the main goals we had in mind when creating mid/night 00.00 was to involve something beyond cosmetic products, to go further, in the sense of being able to incorporate a relationship with creativity, art and fashion. So, when it comes to thinking about collaborations with artists or the campaigns and launches themselves, the image and branding has a close relationship with an inspiring and artistic aesthetic.

Body Routine.

Nina using the Body Routine

Hair Mist.

Powerful leave-on Hair Mist which detangles, combats frizz and prevents thermal damage.

"It is not only about selecting the best possible ingredients, but also about combining them in an innovative way that maximizes their active ingredients."

What does beauty mean to you?

NINA To me beauty means to find something beautiful in simplicity.

V How do you decide on the ingredients included in the products?

NINA It is a very long and complicated process. Before choosing the ingredients, the most important thing we have in mind is to have very the functionalities we want to achieve clear, with the product we are formulating. Once we have reached that point, we select the most effective and natural ingredients that allow us to proceed with the creation of the best product. We are very demanding in this selection and we interact a lot before closing each formulation. It is not only about selecting the best possible ingredients, but also about combining them in an innovative way that maximizes their active ingredients.

"Our products do not overlap with each other and are delicately formulated to be used together in your daily routine."

V What are the challenges of creating a local, sustainable and ethical brand?

NINA It is not easy since the costs are much higher. We could grow faster and more profitably if we weren't so strict with it. But personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable representing a brand that goes against my values. I also believe that creating a brand that does not start from these values ​​is no longer an option, we are very fortunate with the fact that we have been committed to sustainability from day one, and the business has grown with this DNA. The great challenge is to scale the business while staying true to our values. There are many large brands that hae done this, Patagonia is a great example and we are convinced that we can achieve it.

V Can you tell us about your own beauty routines or daily rituals?

NINA When you try mid/night 00.00 for the first time you realize that all the products are created to be very practical and functional. To me, there are three essential parts of the body to take care of every single day; hair, face, and body. It’s funny, because at mid/night 00.00, what we have decided is to collect all the basic and essential steps to take care of your hair and skin in 3 routines. These are my everyday routines created and formulated not only for me but for everyone.

V Do you have a favourite mid/night 00.00 product?

NINA It seems impossible to select only one product. Because our products do not overlap with each other and are delicately formulated to be used together in your daily routine. I always take them with me everywhere, they are the minimum I need to keep my hair and skin in perfect condition.

V What do you feel Vasquiat and Mid/night 00.00 share?

NINA Buying ethical and local quality products, leaving behind massive productions. Also, Vasquiat brings together one of our main values, the relationship between creativity and art under a unique platform.

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