In conversation with: Ciao Lucia

Ciao Lucia's clothing line of holiday-inspired pieces including gorgeous summer dresses has had us dreaming of vacations while confined to our homes. The Founder of Ciao Lucia, Lucy Blair Akin, has built the effortlessly cool label from her experience owning a hip boutique in L.A. 

In conversation with: Simuero

The label embodies the romantic spirit of European cities, with collections that exemplify a laid-back attitude and a vintage aesthetic. Each piece invites us to take an eternal vacation, spending long days at the beach and dining alfresco. We caught up with Lucy to find out more about the thriving brand.

VCiao Lucia's collections carry an air of freshness and coolness. How else would you describe the aesthetic?

CIAO LUCIAI think our aesthetic focuses on a fun, more feminine take on minimalism. A lot of our silhouettes are quite classic and cool and I never want them to feel too fussy. Our aesthetic borrows a lot from the energy of the 60s and the silhouettes of the 90s.

VYour clothes embody the spirit of many European cities. They seem especially suited to the lifestyle and climate of our home, Barcelona. Can you describe this spirit to us?

CLThe spirit of Ciao Lucia is all about travel - those European summer days at the beach that ease into a long afternoon lunch and then a late dinner with friends and lots of wine. In the Summer, I take 2 weeks in Europe usually every year and try my best to live in the Ciao Lucia spirit of things!

Faro Rings

Ciao Lucia at Vasquiat - The black dress, a closet essential 

Soleil Ring.

Ciao Lucia at Vasquiat - Stay chic in Pistachio 

"I think our aesthetic focuses on a fun, more feminine take on minimalism."

VYou grew up in wonderful San Francisco. What elements of the city have influenced the pieces?

CLI think San Francisco when I was growing up was definitely one of the more European cities in the US. San Francisco has a great cultural landscape of food, art, and people. I like how reserved and subtle the fashion of San Francisco is - there’s a quiet, more effortless look to SF people which I think Europeans also emulate.

VWhere do you find your inspiration and references for the designs?

CLI watch a lot of old movies - Rosemary’s Baby, Great Expectations, Unzipped, Vertigo, Talented Mr. Ripley… I am a big movie buff :)

"Our aesthetic borrows a lot from the energy of the 60s and the silhouettes of the 90s."

VCan you tell us more about your creative process?

CLI start the season with an overall vibe I want to accomplish with the collection - lots of inspiration imagery and vintage references I source on eBay and Etsy. We usually start to source fabrics and then start dreaming up what I think they want to be - whether if it’s a mini wrap skirt or a big oversized beach cover-up based on our inspiration.