VASQUIAT was launched by CEO Rafa Blanc and Fashion Director Blanca Miró, with the intention of disrupting the sale system in place today. They questioned, “Why would anyone pay hundreds for an item today, when you know the price will decrease in two months?”. The aforementioned is something most people look past and it, unfairly, leaves those trend anticipators to purchase the items at full price, when they generate the craze around an item or look on social media. Fashion native Blanca felt the burden of this statement, and the pair set out to revolutionize the luxury shopping sales channel, focusing solely on fashion innovators being rewarded first.

This is the first private club, where if you become a member, you get a direct to customer showroom experience. Not only do our members get exclusive previews of unreleased collections, but they get to pre-order them before anyone, at extremely unique prices. Our system functions in stages, brands select a starting discounted price point, which decreases gradually until the collection launches, at which point the collection is sold at retail price. The earlier our members purchase, the lower they are paying, given that they wait for a longer period. Our clients understand that if they are paying less, it is because they are getting in first; a benefit that has never previously been provided.

Dedicated to creating a community of fashion conscious individuals, we want our members to feel empowered by their style choices, and not be penalized for it. Our goal is to give the current buying system a 180o turn, cleansing the garment cycle of unnecessary steps created via Overproduction, and providing a place where discounts come to those willing to risk it for the look. A harmonious group of fashion lovers are brought together through our club from up to 60 Countries worldwide, all with likeminded ambitions to spruce up their style. Insiders should receive an invitation code by a brand launching with us, or by a current club member. Additionally, anyone with a simple passion for fashion may apply for a membership through Our members are invited to become a part of a new luxury shopping experience, where they establish a closer connection to our brands and to each other.

We extend our collaborative hand to brands we feel speak the voice of VASQUIAT, and will institute a long-lasting relationship with our members. Whether emergent or established, we curate a selection of companies that continue to push boundaries within our industry.